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Meals for groups

Meals for groups

Japanese Black Wagyu beef, Yamagata Beef!

The natural environment of Yamagata Prefecture, the birthplace of Yamagata Beef, which is known for its rich flavor and mellow fat, has four distinct seasons that include a hot summer and cold winter, and vast temperature differences between day and night. The Japanese Black Wagyu beef raised and carefully fattened over a long period of time in this climate, is known for having a fine texture and a delicious taste, and its high-quality fat is said to be the secret to its wonderful flavor. At Kawazakura, you can enjoy delicious Yamagata cuisine such as the popular Yamagata Beef steak rice bowl for lunch, as well as Yamagata Beef sukiyaki, “Imoni” stewed potatoes, and other delicious banquet dishes!

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Meals for groups
※Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Menu and ingredients subject to change according to seasonal availability.

Cuisine rank 3 stars★★★「MATSU」Course ¥11,000
Cuisine rank 2 stars★★☆「TAKE」Course ¥8,800円
Cuisine rank 1 stars★☆☆「UME」Course ¥6,600
Yamagata Beef Sukiyaki Course ¥4,620
Yamagata Beef Steak Stack 140g¥3,520|100g¥2,750
Kaisen-jyu of tuna ¥3,520
Typical Yamagata Cuisine Course ¥2,970
Vegetarians Course ¥5,500

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